About the Deck

Discover a fuller, more embodied understanding of your soul and unique human experience.

Crafted through intuition, this Oracle Deck pairs words and artwork of Zoë Pawlak to create a uniquely beautiful offering for those seeking insight and freedom. Created to guide you into deeper understandings of yourself, this deck will support you to move through challenges, channel your infinite potential, and step even further into your awakening.

Each card features a painting from Pawlak’s Vessels and Muses collections, along with a soulful and reflective message. Along with the accompanying booklet, this deck offers you a pathway to access divine insight into yourself and your journey through life. Connect to the wisdom of the universe by drawing a card daily, or whenever you need guidance.

The Vessels & Muses Oracle Deck includes:

  • 40 cards featuring original artwork by Zoë Pawlak
  • A booklet that expands on the meaning of each word
  • Journal prompts for each card
  • Integration of the 12 astrological signs
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