About the Artist

Zoë Pawlak is an artist and industrial designer known for expressive colour combinations that balance technical confidence with an ethereal sense of calm. Throughout her 16-year professional career, Pawlak has maintained a strong personal aesthetic, while deepening her commitment to telling honest and vulnerable stories that unfold into collective truth. Themes of longing, sincerity, and our shifting capacity for stillness are through lines in all of her work. A classically trained painter, Pawlak’s practice also includes figurative drawings and award-winning objects for the home.

I was inspired to make a deck that bridged the gap between my art and writing practice. I've been writing privately for 25 years. My paintings are almost always informed by writing and my spiritual life has forever been seminal to who I am. Until now, I hadn’t found a way to integrate these facets of myself into my public-facing career. An oracle deck is the perfect pairing of thoughtful language with select visuals. I choose 40 powerful images to accompany these words. My goal is that you feel inspired by what you read and see. I want you to feel supported while digging into the deeper meaning of why you are here. May this deck reveal insight to you and hold you in tenderness and accountability to the fullness of who you have the power and potential to become.

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