Vessels & Muses

Discover a fuller, more embodied understanding of your soul and unique human experience.

Meticulously crafted to guide you towards a deeper sense of self-awareness, this deck will support you in navigating challenges, unlocking your limitless potential, and taking yet another step in your awakening journey.

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“Zoë's words and art slow your pulse while also strengthening it. Her work draws you in to notice an endless expanse of potential.”

— Sarah Blondin, Insight Timer Teacher

Explore Your Intuition

Designed in Vancouver, Crafted through intuition, this Oracle Deck pairs words and artwork of Zoë Pawlak to create a uniquely beautiful offering for those seeking insight and freedom. Created to guide you into deeper understandings of yourself, this deck will support you to move through challenges, channel your infinite potential, and step even further into your awakening.

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About the Creator

Zoë Pawlak is an artist and industrial designer born and based in Vancouver, Canada. A classically trained painter, Pawlak’s practice also includes figurative drawings and award-winning objects for the home. This oracle deck is a collection of her favourite 40 paintings and her first piece of published writing. 


Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Interior Design, and Martha Stewart Living. She’s presented select works at ICFF and the AD Design Show. Pawlak’s paintings are in the private collections of the Government of Canada, Cristina and Trevor Linden, Cobie Smulders, and Club Monaco. 

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